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Private Lender TV

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Are you a private lender?

Want to get your live video broadcast viewed by commercial real estate investors seeking real estate financing from private and hard money lenders? 

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 the Royal Flagship event Private Lender Expo®. We started out back in 1998 and have the target and quality real estate investor audience that private lenders want most. Private Lender TV can make your revenue skyrocket

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Private Lender TV is Revolutionizing the Private Lending & Hard Money Industry

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Private Lender TV helps your private lending institution stand out above your competition by providing the royal publicity that your company brand deserves.


Commercial Real Estate Investors seeking private lenders at your fingertips

Real estate investors love Private Lender TV since we put private lenders directly in front of them in real time who can help finance their next commercial real estate deal when time is of the essence.

The Premier News Channel for the Private Lending and Hard Money Industry

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Private Lender TV
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